"People get closer to the gods in nothing than to give people health." – Cicero

"Medicines can cure diseases, but only doctors can cure patients." - Carl Jung.

“People pay for doctor shortages; They still owe him for his kindness.” – Seneca.

"The doctors of the future will not prescribe drugs, they will deal with their patients in the care of the human body, diet and the causes and prevention of disease." – Thomas Edison.

"A reaction can be triggered in the body of patients who trust their doctors and have a psychological expectation that they will recover." -Irving Krisch.

"The simple act of caring is heroic." -Edward Albert.

"Out of caring comes courage." - Lao Tzu.

"He is the best doctor who gives hope and ingeniously inspires." –Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

"Whoever saves a person's life, it is as if he saved people's lives." – Quran.

"The best doctors give the least medicine." - Benjamin Franklin.

"There is no such thing as an infallible doctor" - Edward E Rosenbaum.

"As doctors, we are not trained to communicate and understand the power of our words as it relates to the patient's ability and desire to survive" - ​​Bernie Siegel

"Medicine heals doubt as well as medicine." - Karl Marx

"Do as much as possible for the patient and as little as possible for the patient." - Sigmund Freud

"Doctors and patients must work together to maintain care that improves health, prevents harm, and eliminates wasteful practices." – Dr. Amir Qasem

"You have to be nice to doctors or you won't get anywhere" - William S. Burroughs

"I'm really, really grateful. I am grateful to the doctors,” he said. – Natalie Cole

"I'm lucky: I have a great doctor and a great dentist." –Anna Deavere

 "One cannot be deeply sensitive to the world without being upset often." -Erich Fromm

"Those who choose to become doctors do so because they have to get well." – Alexandra Fuller.

"Always remember the privilege of being a physician." – Daniel P. Logan, Dr.

"We practice medicines that our historical ancestors could only dream of, and we have daily access to wonderful treatments and healings for our patients." – Suni Dhand. doctor

"The doctor of the future will be himself" - Albert Schweitzer.

"Medicine is only for those who can't imagine doing anything else" - Landa Grazette.

"To study the phenomenon of disease without books is to sail on an uncharted sea, whereas to study books without patients is not to go to sea at all." – Dr.William Osler

"During my college life, I learned that Medicine is not a career but a love of humanity" - Kate Ackert.

"When a man goes through six years of training to become a doctor, he won't be the same. He knows too much." – Enid Bagnold.

"Observation, Reason, Human understanding, Courage, these make the doctor." – Martin Fischer.

“The greater the ignorance, the greater the dogmatism” – Dr. William Osler

"The goal of the doctor, or anyone else in general, should be to improve the patient's quality of life, not simply delay their death." – Yama Adams

"Where the art of medicine is loved, there is also the love of humanity." – Hippocrate

“I am a doctor - this is a special duty, a profession that can be considered a dedication. Participation requires respect and a willingness to help all other people.” – Eva Kopacz.

"The doctor gave a man six months to live. He gave him another six months because he couldn't pay his bills." – Walter Matthau.

"A doctor is not a mechanic. The car does not react to the mechanic, but the human does." – Randa Heines.

"A good physician cures the disease, a great physician cures the sick patient." – William Osler.

"The most tragic thing in this world is a sick doctor" - George Bernard Shaw

“There has never been a doctor who has served many patients and, despite his best efforts, has not left some to die. But they understood that it was part of life.” – Zig Ziglar.

"Instead of knowing what kind of illness a person has, it is important to know what kind of illness a person has." – William Osler.

"A doctor who treats himself has a fool for a patient." – Dr.William Osler

"The most delicious pleasure in the practice of medicine comes from dragging a layman into fear and then bringing him back to safety." – Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

"Every patient carries a doctor inside." – Norman's cousin.

"The doctor whose breath stinks has no right to opinion." – Martin H. Fischer.

"I'm not a doctor. I have an enormous amount of common sense." – Steve Harvey.

 Doctors always think that those who do something are not charlatans.' - Flannery O'Connor.

"A doctor is a man who prescribes until his patient dies or is naturally cured." –John Taylor.

"Our profession is the only profession that is constantly trying to destroy itself." – Martin H. Fischer.

"For every disease they treat with medicine, doctors provoke ten healthy people by inoculating a virus that is a thousand times stronger than any microbe: the idea that the person is sick." – Marcel Proust.

“My doctor is good; Every time I see him, I am ashamed of what I think about doctors in general.” – Mignon McLaughlin.

"Some people think doctors and nurses can put omelettes back in their shell." – Cass Canfield.

"Doctors make the worst patients. The best patients are those who ask a lot of questions and have an open mind." – Neil Melendez.

"You can really change the world if you care enough." – Marian Wright Edelmen

"Doctors are always working to protect our health." – Dennis Diderot

"Health is between doctor and patient. If the doctor says something needs to be done, the government must ensure that it is paid for.” – Michael Moore

"The man who practices himself as a doctor with the help of medical books risks dying from a typographical error." – Evan Essar

“Medicine is intention. Those who know how to use intent are good doctors.” – Sun Simiao